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Cashy-POS is an offline cash register on iPad for small retail businesses, developed by a small Swiss company for all of you being concerned about privacy of your sales data and not wanting to pay a monthly fee.
No internet-connection is needed. You and your data is not depending on any internet-server or cloud-service which could fail or not be available.

This POS is the perfect solution for hairdressers, fashion-outlets, jewelery-shops, boutiques, cosmetic salons and all other retail businesses searching to impress their clients with a state of the art cash register solution.

Cashy-POS allows connecting receipt printer, cash drawer and barcode scanner and is absolutely easy to use for the seller as well as for the shop manager / owner.

We are continuously developing new features making the use of this POS system even more enjoyable.

A free Version “Cashy-POS Lite” is available! It is fully functional but VAT rates are fixed and can not be adapted to country specific rates. Just perfect for testing Cashy-POS before (hopefully) buying the full verison.
Click here to get this cash-register app for iPad now in the AppStore and test it for free!

Do you miss a feature ? Want to know if Cashy-POS could fit into your business? Want to propose a feature or have any question ?
Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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